Allotment (Chapter V of Master Brochure)

Method of Allotment
0501. In case the number of applicants exceeds the number of DUs planned, the allotment shall be done by a draw of lots on the basis of priority / sub-priority given at Para 0302. In addition, a waitlist of a minimum of 10% of the planned DUs in each type of dwelling unit, as per draw shall be maintained. If waitlisted applicants, continue paying installments of the scheme on due date and are subsequently allotted a DU, they shall be treated at Par with original allottees and shall not be charged Equalisation Charges, applicable to the new entrants. However, if they are not allotted a DU, the amount paid by the waitlisted applicants shall be refunded with simple interest at the prevailing savings Bank interest rate.
Allotment Letter
0502. After the allotment of Dwelling Units in a Scheme has been finalized the Board shall issue allotment letter and dispatch them to the recorded address of the allottee by Registered Post / Speed Post /Courier. The Allotment Letter will not indicate details of Flat / Block numbers. The allotment of specific DU shall be decided by draw of lots at a later date to issue of possession letter. Allotment Letters shall indicate tentative basic cost of the DU alongwith payment schedule and other important Terms and Conditions. The registrants shall acknowledge the receipt of Allotment Letter in the prescribed format supplied with allotment letter within 45 days from the date of issue, after which it shall be deemed to have been received and accepted by the allottee.
0503. No additional "ink-signed copy" of the Allotment Letter and Possession Letter shall be issued by AFNHB. In case of loss of the original Allotment/Possession letter, a 'Certified True Copy' will be issued on submission of the original FIR from the Police, depending upon the circumstances of the case.
Joint Registration
0504. Registrant of a scheme may nominate the spouse, or son / daughter or parent or any other close relation at the discretion of the Board as Joint Registrants. A maximum of two such Joint Registrants can be nominated. This provision has been made to widen the scope of housing loan but the Board will interact only with the original allottee.
0505. The Registrant/Allottee may nominate a person as his nominee in Para 10 of the application form placed at Appendix A and affidavit at Appendix B. The person so nominated shall on the demise of the Registrant / Allottee and Joint registrant / Allottee, if any, take over all rights and liabilities of the deceased Registrant / Allottee and Joint Registrant / Allottee (if any).
Allotment of Specific Dwelling Units
0506. Specific DUs would be allotted to those who have paid the required installments and cleared all dues. Allotment of specific DU shall be made by draw of lots by an Allotment Committee comprising Naval and Air Force officers who are not Registrants or Allottees of the Scheme and the staff of AFNHB. The date of draw of DU shall be announced at least a month in advance and all allottees are welcome to witness the same. The Board shall not entertain any request for a change of DU allotted through the draw of lots. Request for preferential allotment of a specific DU shall be entertained only in exceptional cases on medical grounds and would need to be approved by the Board of Management (BOM). In case of controversy, decision of the DG, AFNHB shall be final.
Mutual Exchange of Units
0507. Mutual exchange of DUs or parking spaces would be permitted within the Scheme on application from the concerned allottees (Appendix F). It may be noted that mutual exchange would only be possible prior taking over the physical possession of the DU and parking space. Mutual exchange after possession may be permitted on merit. Such transfer would, however, be subject to the rules regarding Transfer / Sale of DUs at Chapter VIII and entail payment of relevant fees, including AFNHB Transfer of DU Charges. 0508. At the time of applying for mutual exchange, both Allottees should have cleared all dues for original allotted DU with interest on delayed payment, if any. Any allottee desiring change to a higher category shall not be charged interest on differential amount nor the Board shall pay any interest to the one opting for a lower category. The exchange will be entirely an arrangement between the two consenting allottees.
Handing Over
0509. The DUs shall be offered on "as-is-where-is" basis. An Allottee shall be handed over the physical possession of his DU only after the allottee completes the following: (a) Paid all dues as intimated by the Board and reconciled at AFNHB. (b) Submitted the Affidavit and Indemnity Bonds placed at Appendices B & B1 respectively to the Board. (c) Has complied with all Rules and Regulations of AFNHB. (d) Has become a member of the society/association formed by the allottees. (e) Has given an undertaking that any future additional charges levied for the construction /development of DU / Common Facilities or payment due court/arbitration order etc or as declared by the Final Costing Committee will be honoured.
0510. All allottees are to take over their DU as per schedule promulgated. The Board shall not normally entertain any request for additions or alterations or any complaints whatsoever regarding the design, structural works, quality of material used. However, specific defects and deficiencies observed at the time of handing/taking over may be recorded in the handing over/taking over document, keeping the Project Director informed. The contractor will rectify such defects within the Defect Liability Period. The Defect Liability Period is generally up to two years after completion of the project. AFNHB will not be in a position to help the allottees beyond this period due to contractual conditions. However, under no circumstances the allottee should delay taking over. In case the allottee is unable to present himself due to any reason for Taking Over the DU, he shall then execute the Special Power of Attorney (Appendix-G).
0511. The DU is handed over by the Project Director or his representative. Delay in taking over of the DU would make the allottee liable to payment of overhead charges on monthly basis at the rate of Rs 1000/- per month at the Board's discretion. Delay in taking over beyond 90 days of the promulgated date of handing over for the last allottee without Board's concurrence may attract automatic cancellation of allotted DU with penalty at the same rate as applicable when an allottee withdraws from the scheme. Undertaking
0512. An undertaking covering the following aspects shall be given by allottees as incorporated in the possession letters:- (a) Allottees shall not carry out any additions or alterations to the DUs and garage, parking space,including ancillaries, without written consent of the concerned local Authority, which may involve structural, design or layout and facade changes.
(b) Allottees shall abide by all laws, rules and regulations of the concerned Government /Development Authority / civil bodies, the Board and the Society/Association formed by them.
(c) Allottees shall abide by the terms and conditions made applicable to the Board in respect to the use of the land allotted by the concerned Authorities.
(d) The DUs and parking spaces shall be used for the sole purpose of 'dwelling' and parking of cars/scooters respectively.
(e) Common facilities like staircases, passages, parks, terraces, roofs, etc, shall be utilised by an allottee, along with the other allottees of the scheme, and no one will have exclusive right to its ownership or usage, nor can an allottee make any alterations thereto. No encroachment of any area is permitted.
(f) No Allottee shall be entitled to subdivide the DU, including ancillaries or amalgamate it with any other DU.
(g) Allottees shall get their required electricity and water meters installed individually and pay the rent / charges as per the bills provided by the concerned agencies.
(h) Allottees shall not indulge in commercial activity in their dwelling units or parking areas.
In case of violation of any of the above-mentioned rules, the Board reserves the right to cancel the allotment and resume the possession of DU and parking space. Registration and Execution of Conveyance / Sale / Sub Lease Deed.
0513. All allottees are required to execute a Conveyance / Sale / Sub Lease Deed based on the announced cost of the DU by AFNHB / circle rate as applicable, at the earliest, after taking over possession of the DU. The following actions are required to be completed by the Allottees for execution of Conveyance /Sale / Sub Lease Deed:-
(a) An allottee is required to clear all dues payable to Society / Association and is to produce a proof thereof.
(b) Certificate / Affidavit that no unauthorized additions / alterations have been carried out in the Flat / Parking and there has been no encroachment of common area (c) Ensure that the Flat and Parking are not being used for commercial purposes.
(d) Obtain a “No Dues Certificate” / “No Objection Certificate” from the concerned Bank(s) /Financial Institution(s) / HBA / AFGIS / NGIF etc. for loan(s) if taken for purpose of your flat. These certificates are to be forwarded to AFNHB for verification. (e) Obtain a No Dues Certificate from the Board indicating the area and a total amount paid for the flat for calculation of Stamp Duty. (f) Contact the office of Sub-Registrar (Local Area) for calculation of Stamp Duty payable. Non-Judicial Stamp Paper equivalent to the value of Stamp Duty payable can also be purchased directly from the Treasury (Local Area).
(g) Prepare Conveyance / Sale / Sub Lease Deed as appropriate, based on the AFNHB approved draft Deed.
(h) Documents prepared for execution of Conveyance Deed are to be signed on each page by the Allottee, Co-registrant and AFNHB‟s representative.
(i) Two known persons will also be required to accompany the allottee to the office of Sub-Registrar for signing as witnesses on documents.
(j) Documents are to be deposited for registration in the office of the Sub-Registrar by paying the registration charges in cash.
0514. All expenses towards payment of Stamp Duty / Registration Charges etc. for registration of DU will have to be borne by the allottee.
0515. Allottees, after completion of above action are advised to contact AFNHB HQ / Project Director / authorized representative of AFNHB for execution of the Deed. A copy of the executed Deed is to be forwarded to AFNHB HQ for records.
0516 Execution of Conveyance / Sale / Sub Lease Deed is a mandatory requirement in all States /UT. Rules and Bye-laws of the State Government / Land Allotting Authority will be over-riding in cases of both succession and ownership.