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Chapter I
Para No . Page No.


0101 Introduction 01

0103 Definitions 01

Chapter II


0201 Housing Schemes 03

0202 Promulgation 03

0203 Types of Dwelling Units 03

0205 Parking 03

0206 Changes to a Scheme /

Delay in completion of

project 04

Chapter III


0301 General 05

0302 Eligibility 05

0303 Dilution of Eligibility 06

0304 Ineligibility 07

Chapter IV


0401 Conduct of Demand

Survey 08

0402 Registration 08

0403 Registration of Demand

Survey Applicants 08

0404 Fresh Registrants 09

0405 Change over from one

Scheme to Another 09

0406 Transfer from one

Category of Dwelling Unit

to Another 09

0407 Incomplete from/

Appendices 09

Chapter V


0501 Method of Allotment 10

0502 Allotment Letter 10

0504 Joint Registration 10

0505 Nomination 10

0506 Allotment of Specific

Dwelling Units 10

0507 Mutual Exchange of

Units 11

0509 Handing Over 11

0512 Undertaking 12

0513 Registration / Execution

of Conveyance / Sale /

Sub Lease Deed 12

Chapter VI

Costing & Payments

0601 Tentative Cost 14

0602 Common Facilities/

Amenities 14

0603 Overheads 14

0604 Cost of Additional

Facilities 14


Para No.

0605 Long Term Maintenance
Fund(LTMF) 14
0606 Installment Schedule 15
0607 Equalisation Charges 15
0608 Calculation of Equalisation

Charges 15
0609 Mode of Payment 15
0614 Payment through Challan 16
0615 Excess Payment by
Allottee 16
0616 Penalty for Dishonouring
of Cheque 16
0617 Interest on Refund 16
0619 Loan Arrangement 17
0621 Final Costing 17

Chapter VII

Withdrawal / Cancellation of Allotment

0701 General 18
0702 Withdrawal When Waitlist
Exists 18
0703 Withdrawal Where No
Waitlist Exist 18
0704 Withdrawal / Refund by
Demand Survey applicants
/ Registrants 18
0705 Withdrawal by Waitlisted
Registrants 19
0706 Reinstatement of
Registration 19
0707 Cancellation of Registration
/Allotment by the Board 19

Chapter VIII

Transfer / Sale of DU

0801 General Conditions 20
0803 Procedure for
Transfer / Sale 20
0804 On Demise of Allottee 21
0805 Administrative Charges 21

Chapter IX


0901 Residents' Society or
Association 22
0906 Society / Association
Charges 22
0907 Electricity/Water 22
0908 Ground Rent 23
0909 State Revenue Charges 23
0910 Arbitration 23
0911 Court Cases 23
0912 Amendments and Alterations
to Rules 24
0914 Interpretation of Rules 24
































                                      Page No.


Chapter II


0201    Housing Schemes                  03

0202    Promulgation                         03

0203    Types of Dwelling Units         03

0205    Parking                                  03

0206    Changes to a Scheme /

            Delay in completion of

            project                                  04

Chapter III


0301    General                                 05

0302    Eligibility                                05

0303    Dilution of Eligibility               06

0304    Ineligibility                             07

Chapter IV


0401    Conduct of Demand

            Survey                                   08

0402    Registration                          08

0403    Registration of Demand

            Survey Applicants                  08

0404    Fresh Registrants                  09

0405    Change over from one

            Scheme to Another               09

0406    Transfer from one

            Category of Dwelling Unit

            to Another                             09

0407    Incomplete from/

            Appendices                           09

Chapter V


0501    Method of Allotment              10

0502    Allotment Letter                    10

0504    Joint Registration                  10

0505    Nomination                            10

0506    Allotment of Specific

            Dwelling Units                       10

0507    Mutual Exchange of

            Units                                     11

0509    Handing Over                        11

0512    Undertaking                          12

0513    Registration / Execution

            of Conveyance / Sale /

            Sub Lease Deed                    12

Chapter VI

            Costing & Payments

0601    Tentative Cost                      14

0602    Common Facilities/

            Amenities                              14

0603    Overheads                            14

0604    Cost of Additional

      Facilities                                14


Para No.                                         Page No.


0605    Long Term Maintenance

            Fund(LTMF)                                14

0606    Installment Schedule                 15

0607    Equalisation Charges                 15

0608    Calculation of Equalisation

            Charges                                     15

0609    Mode of Payment                       15

0614    Payment through Challan          16

0615    Excess Payment by

            Allottee                                      16

0616    Penalty for Dishonouring

            of Cheque                                  16

0617    Interest on Refund                    16

0619    Loan Arrangement                     17

0621    Final Costing                              17

Chapter VII

Withdrawal / Cancellation of Allotment

0701    General                                      18

0702    Withdrawal When Waitlist

            Exists                                         18

0703    Withdrawal Where No

            Waitlist Exist                              18

0704    Withdrawal / Refund by

            Demand Survey applicants

             / Registrants                             18

0705    Withdrawal by Waitlisted

            Registrants                                19

0706    Reinstatement of

            Registration                               19

0707    Cancellation of Registration

            /Allotment by the Board             19

Chapter VIII

            Transfer / Sale of DU

0801    General Conditions                    20

0803    Procedure for

            Transfer / Sale                           20

0804    On Demise of Allottee                21

0805    Administrative Charges              21

Chapter IX


0901    Residents’ Society or

            Association                                22

0906    Society / Association

            Charges                                     22

0907    Electricity/Water                        22

0908    Ground Rent                              23

0909    State Revenue Charges             23

0910    Arbitration                                  23

0911    Court Cases                               23

0912    Amendments and Alterations

            to Rules                                     24

0914    Interpretation of Rules              24

Chapter I






0101.               AFNHB is a registered body under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The Headquarters of the Board is located at Air Force Station, Race Course, New Delhi. The Management and the affairs of the Board are entrusted to the Director General and governed by the 'Board of Management' (BOM), comprising ex officio members from the Indian Air Force & Indian Navy.


0102.               All registrants of AFNHB schemes would be governed by the rules and regulations laid down in this brochure and directives issued by the Board from time to time. This brochure supercedes all previous brochures.




0103.               For the purpose of these rules, notwithstanding anything else contained in any Act, Rules, Regulations or Byelaws, the under mentioned words/phrases will have the meaning as mentioned against them.


(a)  Allottee            A Registrant who has been allotted a Dwelling Unit or Plot/ Farm Unit in any AFNHB scheme against an Allotment Letter.


(b)               Areas


(i)                  Carpet             Actual livable area within the walls inside the Dwelling Unit.


(ii)                                Common         Proportionate share of passage, corridor, lift well, staircase etc within a block; and other common covered area such as community center, guard room etc.


(iii)                               Covered          Carpet Area  plus wall area, balconies, verandah and cupboard areas.


                              (iv)       Super  Covered Area plus proportionate share of common areas like passage, corridor, shaft, staircases etc.


                        (v)        Wall                 Actual area covered by the walls.


(c)  Authority          Civil Administration who is responsible for authorizing and approving the AFNHB Housing scheme.


(d)        Board                          Air Force Naval Housing Board (AFNHB).


(e)      Dwelling Unit (DU)              A      Flat     or    any    other    type    of    house constructed in single, double or multi-storey configuration by the Board under any of its schemes.


(f)   Date of Payment         The fourth working day from the date the payment cheque  /DD is received at the HQ AFNHB, New Delhi or the date on which the amount has been realised in the AFNHB’s Bank Account, whichever is earlier.


(g)  Date of Receipt/          Stamped date of AFNHB HQ Registry (IN/OUT).



(h)       Demand Survey          A survey undertaken to assess the viability of a proposed scheme.


(j)   Demand Survey          A   person  who  desires  a  Dwelling  Unit  in the  city/location for

      Applicant (DSA)          which a Demand Survey has been carried out.



(k)  Establishment             Expenditure  on  maintenance  and  functioning  charges  of  the

      Charges          AFNHB HQs and Project offices.


(l)        Equalization           Charges levied on those joining  a  scheme  late  and for delayed

      Charges          payment   of   an   installment;   so as to bring  them  at  par  with  the  original allottee and those who have paid  installment on schedule.


(m)      Joint Registrant           The  spouse or blood relation i.e. daughter, son or parents of a Registrant or Allottee, Any other close relation could also be conjoined as a  Registrant by the Registrant / Allottee at the discretion of the Board. 


            (n)        LTMF                           Long Term Maintenance Fund.


(p)  Member           Member of the Board of Management (BOM) of AFNHB


(q)  Nominee          A person so nominated by the Registrant/Allottee who on the demise of the Registrant/Allottee and the Joint Registrant/Allottee if any, shall take over all rights and liabilities of the deceased Registrant/Allottee and  Joint Registrant/Allottee.


(r)  Over-Subscribed        A  scheme  having  more  Registrants  than subscribed number of Dwelling Units planned resulting in wait list.


(s)  Under-Subscribed       A  scheme   with  lesser  registrants  than subscribed number of Dwelling Units planned.


(t)   Registrant       A person registered in a scheme launched by AFNHB and  allotted a registration number.


(u)        Saving Bank                The  saving  bank  rate   of  interest promulgated by             Interest                        RBI for nationalized banks.


(v)        Scheme                      Any Self  Financed  Housing Scheme  (SFHS) announced by AFNHB.



Chapter II



Housing Schemes


0201.               The Board announces housing schemes from time to time at locations where land is being either acquired or has already been acquired.  Such schemes follow one or a combination of  the following concepts:


(a)               Group Housing


(b)               Row Housing


(c)               Multistorey Flats


(d)               Single Units


(e)               Developed Plots






0202.               Schemes are promulgated through 'K' Broadcast in the Air Force, IG Messages in the Navy and through the AFNHB website:  



Types of Dwelling Units


0203.               The Board generally constructs two categories of DUs viz. Category A and Category B for Commissioned Officers and Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) respectively. Further, each category may in turn have different types of DUs. Details of the different types of DUs planned, in a particular scheme, are  promulgated when the scheme is launched for registration. PBOR, including Honorary Ranks, are not eligible to apply for Officers' category of DUs and vice versa, unless the scheme is diluted as per para 0303.


0204.               Parking space, terrace, lawns and any other area  allotted to a allottee, in addition to a DU,  shall form an integral part of the DU.





0205.               All schemes shall, as far as possible, cater for adequate covered/open car/scooter parking. The number of parking spaces would depend upon the availability of land and the rules of the Authority. The  area of the parking may differ and allottees shall be charged accordingly. Additional parking spaces, if  available, would be offered to Allottees at additional cost.  In  schemes that have been diluted, the allotment of covered/open parking shall be first offered to the allottees, as per the eligibility listed at para 0302.  Additional parking, if available, would  be subsequently offered to other allottees.



Changes to a Scheme / Delay in Completion of Project


0206.               No interest / compensation shall be paid to an allottee for the delay  in completion  of a  project or change in the handing over schedule of the Dwelling Units.   While every effort will be made by the Board to ensure timely completion of the Projects, delays cannot be ruled out.  AFNHB shall not be liable on account  of any such delay in the completion of a project.  It needs to be borne in mind that AFNHB renders services to its allottees / registrants on a ‘No Profit No Loss’ basis.






























Chapter III







0301.               Rules of eligibility framed by State Govts, Housing Boards, Development Authorities, Improvement Trusts or similar bodies entrusted with the work of development of land for housing or for construction of houses in a station by whatever description these may be known, would be over-riding.





0302.               The following shall be eligible to register for an AFNHB scheme in the order of priority as stipulated.




(a)               Widows of Air Force and Naval personnel who die in action.


(b)        Widows of Air Force and Naval personnel who die in harness.




(a)        Serving and re-employed Officers, Airmen and Sailors of Air Force and Navy, who have no prior allotment in any AFNHB schemes.


(b)        Short Service Commissioned officers of the Air Force and Navy, who have no prior allotment in any AFNHB schemes.




            (a)        Widows of retired Air Force and Naval personnel who are in receipt of Family pension.


            (b)        Retired Air Force and Naval Officers, Airmen & Sailors who are in receipt of Pension or Disability Pension.




(a)        Serving Air Force & Naval personnel and their widows  who are allottees or Registrants of an  AFNHB Scheme.


(b)        Retired Air Force & Naval personnel and their widows in receipt of    pension / family pension who are allottees or registrants of an AFNHB  Scheme.


(c)        AFNHB staff who have completed 10 years of continuous service in AFNHB and who have not been allotted any DU in any AFNHB scheme; restricted to one DU in their entire service career.





(i).        Wait-listed registrants of an ongoing scheme in a station will get priority for allocation of a DU in a subsequent scheme, if any,  in the same station, provided they have no prior allotment in any AFNHB scheme


(ii)        Widows of Air Force and Naval personnel who die in action or harness can register even after the scheme is closed or fully subscribed and shall take precedence over all other wait-listed registrants, under all categories. As regards their inter-se-seniority, the rule of First Come First Served shall apply.   Widows who are re-married will not be eligible to apply.


(iii)       Serving/retired Medical and Dental officers are eligible under relevant priority only if contributing to or have contributed to AFGIS or NGIF for a minimum period of ten years; provided they have not applied for or are in possession of a DU through Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO).


(iv)       Where both husband and wife are eligible to apply, only one of them shall be eligible for registration under any particular scheme.


(v)        Priority shall be given to personnel who have not been allotted a DU  in the past.


            (vi)       Priority as laid down at Para 0302 shall continue to be applicable in the allotments of DU to wait listed personnel, whenever vacancy arises.


            (vii)      Special Project status can be accorded by the Board for schemes such as Holiday Homes, Old Age Homes, Farm Units and schemes in Hill Station, if undertaken by the Board. Such criteria will be notified whilst promulgating/ launching such schemes from time to time.



Dilution of Eligibility



0303.               If a scheme remains under-subscribed even after six months of commencement of construction, the scheme may be opened for registration to others  at the discretion of the Board of Management (BOM),  such as



(a)        Serving and retired personnel of Army, DSC, Coast Guard and other Para-military  forces.


(b)        Permanent Employees of AFNHB, who are already allotted DU  in any AFNHB scheme



Note:-    (i)      In diluted scheme, as and when any person eligible under para 0302 applies,  he/she shall  take precedence in the allocation of DU as against all other category of applicants.


               (ii)     Restrictions on sale of DU and all other rules applicable to the allottees at para 0302 above shall also be applicable to such allottees.





0304.               The following personnel of the Air Force and Navy are not eligible to become Registrants or Allottees of a Scheme:-


(a)  All Air Force and  Naval  personnel cashiered / dismissed / removed / compulsorily retired / or discharged from service on disciplinary grounds regardless of whether in receipt of pension or not.


(b)  Officers, Airmen and Sailors owning a DU in his/her name or in the name or names of his/her spouse or dependents in the station where the Board is building the Dwelling Units   unless authorized by  the  Authority.


(c)               An Allottee whose allotment  in any scheme was cancelled  by the Board
























Chapter IV




Conduct of Demand Survey           


0401.               AFNHB normally conducts a demand survey prior to launching a new Scheme. The primary aim of the survey is to assess the number of personnel desirous of acquiring a DU in the station and hence, the viability of the proposed Scheme. This Demand Survey is undertaken through IG, K Broadcast, and  AFNHB Website: Personnel desirous of opting for the Scheme are required to apply on plain paper giving relevant service particulars, address, telephone/mobile number, email address and bank account particulars etc.  The applicant shall indicate clearly whether he/she has in the past been allotted a DU and if so, particulars of the same are to be furnished.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to intimate the Board if  there is a change in any of  the details furnished.  The amount indicated below shall be sent in the form of Demand Draft along with the response to the Demand Survey.


(i)         Officers:         (Rs 11,000/-). This    amount   includes Rs 1,000/- being non-refundable and non-adjustable administrative fees. If the demand survey applicant does not continue with the scheme, then Rs. 10,000/- shall be refunded. 


(ii)                Sailors/Airmen:          (Rs 6,000/-). This amount includes Rs 1,000/- being non-refundable and non-adjustable administrative fees. If the demand survey applicant   does  not continue with the scheme, then Rs. 5,000/- shall be refunded.




0402.               Once reasonable demand for a housing scheme in a particular station has been established, the scheme is launched subject to availability of suitable land. Demand Survey applicants would  be given preference for allotment and the scheme will be open to others only after all Demand Survey applicants desirous to register in the scheme have been offered a DU. An ‘IG’ and ‘K’ Broadcast will accordingly be issued.



Registration of Demand Survey Applicants


0403    Demand Survey Applicants (DSA) registering in the scheme, are to submit the application form placed at Appendix ‘A’ which can be down loaded from the AFNHB website  The form duly completed is to be forwarded  to the Director (Administration) AFNHB Race Course, New Delhi-110003, alongwith a Demand Draft payable to AFNHB at New Delhi as indicated below.   Incomplete application shall be rejected and shall not be considered for registration.  In  such cases the applicant shall  be informed accordingly and the application  returned alongwith the registration fee.  All information as demanded in the Application Form are to be provided. Amending the language in the Application Form shall result in rejection of the application. Further, it is the responsibility of the applicant to intimate the Board if there is a change in any of the details in the form.



(a)        Officers:         Rs 90,000/-.  This is in addition to the  amount already paid as Demand Survey Deposit vide  para 0401.


(b)        Sailors/Airmen. Rs 45,000/-.  This is in addition to the amount already  paid as Demand Survey Deposit  vide  para 0401.


0404.  Fresh Registrants        Personnel who did not apply in Demand Survey, but are subsequently joining the Scheme on its launch  are to submit the application form placed at Appendix ‘A’, along with the following registration amount:-


(a)        Officers.         A sum of Rs 1,01,000/- including Rs 1000/- being non-refundable and non-adjustable Administrative Fee.


(b)        Sailors/Airmen.          A sum of Rs 51,000/- including Rs 1000/- being non-refundable and non-adjustable Administrative Fee.


Change Over from One Scheme to Another


0405.               Subject to the provision of this Para, allottees are permitted to change over from one scheme to another, only once prior to collection of possession letter. However, Cancellation charges shall  be deducted as per paras  0702 & 0703.  In case, there is a waiting list in the scheme, the transferee shall take his/her turn at the end of the waiting list. Registrants seeking transfer from the waiting list of any scheme shall not be levied cancellation charges. Changeover is however not the right of the registrant. Changeover from an under subscribed scheme to fully subscribed scheme shall not be permitted. However, change from an under subscribed scheme to another under subscribed scheme shall be permitted at the discretion of the Board. Equalisation  charges as per para 0608 would be applicable in this case.   Besides, in all cases Administrative Charges shall be deducted.


Transfer from One Category of Dwelling Unit to Another


0406.               In normal circumstances, a registrant shall be permitted to seek change from one type to another within the same category. An allottee would be allowed to continue as confirmed allottee in one type whilst simultaneously remain on the waiting list of other type in a particular scheme. Registrants seeking change to higher type of DU shall pay Equalisation Charges on the differential amounts from the date(s) the installment(s) had become due to be paid by the original registrants.  Only differential cost will be adjusted for those allottees who seek transfer to a lower type. The allottee shall not be given benefit of any Equalisation Charges/Delayed Payment charges paid till that time.


Incomplete Forms / Appendices


0407.               Incomplete Forms / Appendices are liable to be rejected.  Allottee / registrants who provide  incomplete or wrong informations while filling  up the forms shall be liable for rejection / cancellation of the allotment / registration at any stage, whatsoever.  He will also be liable to face criminal proceedings in case of any such default.





Chapter V




Method of Allotment


0501.               In case the number of applicants exceeds the number of DUs planned, the  allocation  shall  be  done  by  a draw of lots on the basis of priority given at  Para 0302.   In addition, a waitlist of a minimum of 10% of the planned DU in  each type of dwelling unit, as per draw shall be maintained. If waitlisted applicants, continues paying installments of the scheme on due date and are subsequently   allotted a DU, they shall be treated at par with original allottees and shall not be charged Equalization Charges, applicable to the new entrants. However, if they are not allotted a DU, the amount paid by the waitlisted applicants shall be refunded with simple interest @ 1% less than the prevailing savings account interest rate.


Allotment Letter


0502.       After the allocation of  Dwelling Units   in a Scheme has been finalised, the Board shall issue allotment letters and dispatch them to the recorded address of the allottees by Registered Post / Speed Post / Courier. The Allotment Letter will not indicate details of Flat/Block numbers.   The allotment of specific flats  shall  be  decided by draw of lots at a later date.  Allotment Letters shall indicate tentative basic cost of the DU  along with dates of payment of installment and other important Terms & Conditions. The registrants shall acknowledge the  receipt of Allotment Letter in the prescribed format  supplied with allotment letter within 45 days from the date of issue of this letter, after which it shall be deemed to have been received and accepted by the allottee.


0503.               No additional ‘ink-signed copy’ of the Allotment Letter and Possession Letter shall be issued by AFNHB.  In case of loss of the original Allotment/Possession letter, a 'Certified True Copy' will be issued on submission of the original FIR from the Police,  depending upon the circumstances of the case.


Joint Registration


0504.               Registrant of a scheme may nominate the spouse, or son / daughter or   parent  or any other close relation at the discretion of the Board as Joint Registrants.  A maximum of two such Joint Registrants can be nominated.   This provision has been made to widen the scope of housing loan but the Board  will  interact only with the original allottee.




0505.               The Registrant/Allottee may nominate a person as  his nominee in Para 10 of the application form placed at Appendix A and affidavit at Appendix B.  The person so nominated shall on the demise of the Registrant / Allottee and Joint Registrant / Allottee,  if any, take over all rights and liabilities of the deceased Registrant / Allottee and Joint Registrant / Allottee (if any).


Allotment of Specific Dwelling Units


0506.               Specific DUs would be allotted to those who have paid the required installments and cleared all dues.   Allotment of specific DU shall be made by draw of lots by an Allotment Committee comprising Naval and Air Force officers who are not Registrants or Allottees of the Scheme and the staff of AFNHB.  The date of draw of DU  shall be announced at least a month in advance and all allottees are welcome to witness the same. The Board shall  not entertain any request for a change of DU allotted through the draw of lots. Request for preferential allotment of a specific DU shall be entertained only in exceptional cases on medical grounds and would need to be approved by the Board of Management (BOM). In case of controversy, decision of the DG, AFNHB shall be final.


Mutual Exchange of Units


0507.               Mutual exchange of DUs or parking spaces would be permitted within the Scheme on application from the concerned allottees (Appendix F).  It may be noted that mutual exchange would only be possible prior taking over the physical possession of the DU and parking space.  Mutual exchange after possession may be permitted on merit.  Such transfer would, however, be subject to the rules regarding Transfer / Sale of DUs at Chapter VIII and entail payment of relevant fees, including AFNHB Transfer of DU Charges.


0508.                At the time of applying for mutual exchange, both Allottees should have cleared all dues for original allotted DU with interest on delayed payment, if any.  Any allottee desiring change to a higher category  shall not be charged interest on differential amount nor the Board shall pay any interest to the one opting for a lower category. The exchange will be entirely  an arrangement between the two consenting allottees.


Handing Over


0509.               The DUs shall be offered on "as-is-where-is" basis.  An Allottee shall be handed over the physical possession of his DU only after the allottee completes the following:


(a)               Paid all dues as  intimated by the Board and reconciled at AFNHB.

(b)               Submitted the Affidavit and Indemnity Bonds placed at Appendices B & B1  respectively   to the Board. 

(c)               Has complied with all Rules and Regulations of  AFNHB.

(d)        Has become a member of the society/association formed by the allottees.

(e)        Has given an undertaking that  any  future  additional   charges  levied  for the construction /  development of DU / Common Facilities or payment due court/arbitration order etc or as declared by the Final Costing Committee will be honoured.


0510.               All allottees are to take over their DU as per schedule promulgated.  The Board shall not normally entertain any request for additions or alterations or any complaints whatsoever regarding the design, structural works, quality of material used. However, specific defects and deficiencies observed at the time of handing/taking over may be recorded in the handing over/taking over document, keeping the Project Director informed. The contractor will rectify such defects within the guarantee period. The guarantee period is generally up to two years after completion of the project. AFNHB will not be in a position to help the allottees beyond this period due to contractual conditions. However, under no circumstances the allottee should delay taking over.  In case the allottee is unable to present himself due to any reason for Taking Over the DU, he shall then execute the Special Power of Attorney (Appendix-G).


0511.               The DU is handed over by the Project Director or his representative. Delay in taking over of the DU would make the allottee liable to payment of overhead charges on monthly basis at the rate of Rs 1000/- per month at the Board's discretion. Delay in taking over beyond 90 days of the promulgated date of handing over for the last allottee without Board's concurrence may attract automatic cancellation of allotted DU with penalty at the same rate as applicable when an allottee withdraws from the scheme.





0512.               An undertaking covering the following aspects shall be given by allottees as incorporated in the possession letters: -


(a)        Allottees shall not carry out any additions or alterations to the DUs and garage, parking space, including ancillaries, without written consent of the concerned Authority, which may involve structural, design or layout and facade changes.


(b)        Allottees shall abide by all laws, rules and regulations of the concerned Government / Development Authority / civil bodies, the Board and the Society/Association formed by them.


(c)        Allottees shall abide by the terms and conditions made applicable to the Board in respect to the use of the land allotted by the concerned Authorities.


(d)        The DUs and parking spaces shall be used for the sole purpose of 'dwelling' and parking of cars/scooters respectively.


(e)        Common facilities like staircases, passages, parks, terraces, roofs, etc, shall be utilised by an allottee, along with the other allottees of the scheme, and no one will have exclusive right to its ownership or usage, nor can an allottee make any alterations thereto. No encroachment of any area is permitted.


(f)         No Allottee shall be entitled to subdivide the DU, including ancillaries or amalgamate it with any other DU.


(g)        Allottees shall get their required electricity and water meters installed individually and pay the rent / charges as per the bills provided by the concerned agencies.


(h)        Allottees shall not indulge in commercial activity in their dwelling units or parking areas.


Note: In case of violation of any of the above-mentioned rules, the Board reserves the right to cancel the allotment and resume the possession of DU and parking space.


Registration and Execution of Conveyance / Sale / Sub Lease Deed


0513.               All allottees are required to execute a Conveyance / Sale / Sub Lease Deed based on the announced cost of the DU by AFNHB / circle rate as appropriate, at the earliest, after taking over possession of the DU.  The following actions are required to be completed by the Allottees for execution of Conveyance / Sale / Sub Lease Deed:-


(a)               An allottee is required to clear all dues payable to Society / Association  and is to produce a proof thereof.


(b)               Certificate / Affidavit that no unauthorized additions / alterations have been carried out in the Flat / Parking  and there has been no encroachment of common area


(c)               Ensure that the Flat and Parking are not being used for commercial purposes.


(d)               Obtain a “No Dues Certificate” / “No Objection Certificate” from the concerned Bank(s) / Financial Institution(s) / HBA / AFGIS / NGIF etc. for loan(s) if taken for purpose of your flat.  These certificates are to be forwarded to AFNHB for verification.


(e)               Contact the office of Sub-Registrar (Local Area)  for calculation of Stamp Duty payable.  Non-Judicial Stamp Paper equivalent to the value of Stamp Duty payable can also be purchased directly from the Treasury (Local Area).


(f)                 Prepare Conveyance / Sale / Sub Lease Deed  as appropriate, based on the AFNHB approved draft Deed. 


(g)               Documents prepared for execution of Conveyance Deed are to be signed on each page by the Allottee, Co-registrant and AFNHB’s representative.


(h)               Two known persons will also be required to accompany the allottee to the office of Sub-Registrar for signing as witnesses on documents.


(j)         Documents are to be deposited for registration in the office of the Sub-Registrar by paying the registration charges in cash. 


0514.               All expenses towards payment of Stamp Duty, registration charges etc. for execution of Conveyance Deed will have to be borne by the Allottee.


0515.               Allottees, after completion of above actions are advised to contact AFNHB, HQ  / Project Director / authorized representative of  AFNHB


0516                Execution of Conveyance / Sale / Sub Lease Deed is a mandatory requirement in all States / UT.   Rules and  Bye-laws of the State Government / Land Allotting Authority will be over-riding in cases of both succession and ownership. 







Chapter VI




Tentative Cost


0601.               The tentative cost of a DU, parking spaces, etc for each scheme is estimate by the Board at the planning stage and is intimated to the registrants. This includes the cost of land, all expenditure likely to be incurred on the project and overheads.  This is reviewed at various stages during the construction phase particularly on award of contract to the builder and is thus subject to change depending on the actual cost incurred.  The Cost of Dwelling Units intimated before giving possession i.e pre-final is subject to further revision based on its final costing worked out by the Naval and Air HQs Costing Committee and as approved by the Chairman. Such increase in the cost of DU  is to be borne by the allottees. The final cost as worked out by the Board shall not be made a subject matter of dispute by the registrants or allottees at any stage. No separate accounts or contracts will be made available to the Allottee or the concerned Jal Vayu Vihar Residents’ Societies or Association.


Common Facilities/Amenities


0602                Cost of common facilities/amenities such as community centre, shops, clubhouse, sports facilities, swimming pool, power backup, internal roads, external electrification, boundary wall, landscaping, security & society office, etc as applicable shall be shared by all allottees on prorata basis.




0603.               In order to meet the expenditure incurred on the staff and management of the Board and project offices, 6% of the project cost shall be charged as overheads by the Board.  This include 1.5%. for the reserve fund.


Cost of Additional Facilities           


0604.               In case the Board decides to add new facilities for the betterment of the project whilst the project is in progress, with the consensus of a majority of the allottees, or on its own, the additional cost so incurred shall be paid by the allottees prior collection of possession letter.


Long Term Maintenance Fund (LTMF)


0605.                Every allottee shall contribute Rs 30,000/- or Rs 10,000/-  per DU depending on whether the Block is  with or without lifts towards LTMF. This fund forms the corpus for maintenance of common facilities such as lifts, standby generators etc by the society. All common facilities such as lifts, generators, garden, security etc. are to be taken over by the Society, as soon as the same are ready. The cost of operating such facilities shall be borne by the society. In the interim, payments, till take over, shall be paid from LTMF.  The amount so collected shall earn FD rate of interest and shall be handed over to the society as per the guidelines given below:


(a)  25% at the time of Registration of the Society.


(b)  25% after expiry of Defect Liability Period (02 Years)


(c)        50% after completion of 05 years of Registration of Society provided that the society has taken over and registered the common areas in its name.


Installment Schedule


0606.               The schedule of installment is published in the allotment letter issued to each allottee. Installment schedules may be revised by the Board, keeping in mind the cash flow requirement of the project. Any such revision shall be communicated to allottees by post and  through  web site.


Equalisation Charges


0607.               In order to bring all allottees of a particular scheme at par, the subsequent allottees,  shall have to pay equalization charges on the amount already paid by the original allottees.  Equalisation Charges shall be calculated with respect to the due dates of such installments.  Equalisation charges may vary from time to time depending upon the prevailing Bank lending rates.    Similarly, when an allottee delays payment of an instalment beyond the due date,  appropriate equalization charges for the number of days delayed shall be charged.    The current rate of  equalization charges are as follows


(a)        For subsequent allottees who join late                                               10% P.A


(b)        Delay in payment of instalment upto 30 days                                     12% P.A


(c)        Delay in payment of instalment beyond 30 days                                13% P.A


(c)        Delay more than 120 days if  no                                 Cancellation of allotment

            extension is granted                                       


Calculation of Equalisation Charges


0608.              Equalisation  charges shall be calculated on daily accruable basis. The date of payment would be taken as the date on which the bank drafts or pay orders (Banker's Cheque), local cheque amount is credited in AFNHB Account; or after three working days  whichever is earlier.   Equalisation Charges on daily accruable basis will be levied irrespective of the condition whether the extension for payment has been granted or otherwise. These charges will be collected along with the last installment prior issuance of the possession letter.


Mode of   Payment


0609.               Initial payment for registration and final payment, shall only be accepted by Demand Draft/Banker’s cheque, drawn in favour of “Air Force Naval Housing Board”, payable at New Delhi. Payment of other subsequent installments / dues can be made through challan as mentioned in para 0614 or directly to AFNHB by DD/Local Cheques only. All payments will be subject to realisation of cheque. The name and registration number of the allottee are to be endorsed on the reverse of the Cheque /  Draft. Outstation cheque shall not be accepted. 


0610.               In the case where an allottee has taken loan from a Bank or Financial Institutes (FIs), generally the payment is directly released by such bank / (FIs) to AFNHB.  It will be the sole responsibility of the allottee to ensure that the instalment amount is released by Bank / FIs, in time and received at AFNHB.  Any relaxation in this regard is not permissible and allottee shall be liable to pay equalisation charges in case of any delay in receiving the instalment.


0611.               Payment in cash shall not be accepted except in case of last dues up to Rs 20000/- (Rupees twenty thousand only)  if paid at HQ AFNHB, New Delhi.  It shall  be the responsibility of the allottee to ensure that relevant instruments of payment are fully honoured, failing which due penalties shall be levied without prior  notice to this effect.  All installments should be paid before or latest by noon of the due dates mentioned in the Allotment Letter or as amended from time to time. Equalization charges, LTMF, cost of parking, terrace etc; will be collected with the last installment. Possession letter will be given only after all dues are paid.


0612.               In case the allottee is not in a position to make payment of any installment by the noon of the due date, the allottee must apply to the Board with full justification before the expiry of date for extension of time limit. The Board in exceptional cases and at its sole discretion may extend the payment date beyond the due date up to a maximum period of 120 days.  However, all extension of payment dates will be charged Equalization  charges as per para 0607.  The Board shall not  entertain requests for waiver of equalization charges thereof for delayed payment.  


0613.               Allottees who are interested to pay the entire cost of a DU  in lumpsum would be eligible for interest @ 1% less than saving bank rate of interest.  However payment of a few instalments  in advance shall not entail any interest.


Payment through Challan


0614.               Allottees may pay installments through challan at any ICICI Bank branch in any city within India. Challan as per Appendix ‘H’ is to be made in three copies where first copy is for bank, second is for sending to AFNHB by  post and third copy to be retained by allottee. Challan is to be supported by a local cheque of same city. Challan form and project code can also be downloaded from AFNHB website: Payments are subject to realisation of cheques.  Photocopies of challan placed at Appendix ‘H’ may be used.


Excess Payment by Allottee


0615.               In case the due date of an installment is deferred by the Board due to any reason,  all registrants who have paid the instalment as per the earlier announced schedule or otherwise  shall earn simple interest @ 1% less than the Saving Bank rate of interest for the period upto the revised promulgated date.  However, registrants will have the option to seek refund of the amount so deposited by forwarding a performa placed at Appendix 'D'. As and when interest is paid to an allottee / registrant, TDS will be deducted as per IT Act.


Penalty for Dishonouring of Cheque


0616.               A sum of Rs 250/- per cheque shall be charged from the allottees for  a cheque that has been dishonoured and returned by the bank for any reason. This amount will be debited to individuals account and shall be collected along with last installment.  Further, delay on account of a dishonoured cheque shall accrue Equalisation Charges.


Interest on Refund


0617.               Simple interest @ 1% less than prevailing savings bank interest rate is admissible in the case where a scheme is shelved and the money is refunded to the applicants.  In all other cases, such as volunteer withdrawals or when the scheme is put on hold, no interest is admissible to the allottee.


0618.               The interest on the unutilized amount of a particular scheme shall be credited bi-annually to the concerned Project Fund Account at @ 1% less than saving bank rate of interest.


Loan Arrangement


0619.               Loan can be availed from any Bank or Housing Financial Institution against the DU allotted by AFNHB to the allottee.  However, AFNHB shall issue NOC for Mortgaging and TPA  free of cost for only two such loans. Additional NOC would cost Rs 500/- each.


0620.               The Board or any staff member of the Board shall not stand 'Guarantee' or be a ‘Guarantor’ for any loan arrangements for the allottee.  An allottee may enter into an agreement with any loan granting financial agency. The Board shall only play the role of a confirming party in favour of the allottee,  for the property being acquired from AFNHB in a Tripartite Agreement (Appendix E)


Final Costing


0621.               A Final Costing Committee shall be constituted after the completion of the defect liability period, and project being complete in all respect. The Committee shall include representation  from Air Force and Naval Headquarters, and a representation each from both the categories of DUs.  This committee shall be responsible for finalising the cost of the project.


0622.               Any surplus fund in the project shall be refunded to the original allottees , provided they have not sold the DU. They shall also be liable to pay, should there be deficit in the costing.


0623.              In cases where the original allottees have transferred their DU, the share of surplus in project fund, if any, at the time of final costing declaration by the Costing Committee, shall not be refunded to the original allottee or transferee.  However if the transfer is by  means of successor or the transfer is to a blood relation such as parents / son / daughter / Spouse the refund would be made to the successor on producing an Affidavit to this effect.       







Chapter VII






0701.               Withdrawal of an Allottee from a Scheme shall only be permitted where a wait list exists as DUs are constructed based on the demand from the allottees.  The procedure for withdrawal/cancellation / allotment for any scheme is covered  in the succeeding paragraphs: -


Withdrawal When Waitlist Exists 


0702.               A Registrant / Allottee  wishing to withdraw from a scheme should submit a written application along with withdrawal performa and blank pre-receipt (Appendices C and D) to the Director General, Air Force Naval Housing Board quoting his/her registration number of the scheme.  The date of receipt of this application at AFNHB registry will be taken as the date of withdrawal. All calculations of seniority, financial penalties etc will be based on this date. The cancellation charges will be deducted in addition to the non-refundable administrative fee, and no interest shall be paid on the amount paid by the allottee till that time. Further, the withdrawal shall be considered as total withdrawal from the scheme i.e. DU, linked parking space, shop etc.  This rule shall apply to all registrants/allottees whose registration has been cancelled by the Board. Cancellation charges shall be calculated based on the stage of withdrawal as follows: -




Stages of Withdrawal


Sailors/ Airmen


After receipt of Registration Fees and Prior to issue of Allotment Letter

Rs 5,000/-

Rs 3,500/-


Up to 45 Days after issue of Allotment Letter (Registry Date)

Rs 7,500/-

Rs 5,000/-


Beyond 45 days after issue of Allotment Letter. (Registry Date)          

Rs 15,000/-

Rs 10,000/-



Withdrawal Where No Waitlist Exists


0703.               No withdrawal is generally  permitted, if a waitlist does not exist.  However, even if the withdrawal is  permitted under special circumstances, the amount shall be refunded only when a new allottee joins in and pays the due  installments.  No interest shall be paid on such refunds and cancellation charges as mentioned in para 0702 above shall be deducted as per existing rules.  Further, once the withdrawal application is received in the Board, the allottee will forego all rights on the property as well as linked parking and other spaces.  Allottee may apply for withdrawal  under extreme compassionate grounds using  Appendices C & D.


Withdrawal  / Refund by Demand Survey Applicants /  Registrants 


0704                Personnel who apply in demand survey, but do not  wish to register when the scheme is launched and those who apply for the registration and wish to subsequently withdraw or those not allotted a DU will be refunded the registration fee mentioned above. The registrants  are to submit the withdrawal performa placed at Appendices ‘C’ & ‘D’ and Demand Survey Applicants are to submit a personal application, both alongwith original receipt issued by AFNHB for seeking refund.   Demand Survey amount shall be refunded without any interest.  Further, the non refundable Administrative fees shall also be deducted.   Further, the Board may refund the registration amount on its own, in case there is inordinate delay in launching the scheme or the scheme is dropped for any reason.  Money held with the Board for more than one year shall accrue a  savings  bank rate  interest on such refunds.             


Withdrawal  by Waitlisted Registrant


0705                Waitlisted registrant may withdraw from the scheme at any time. Registration fee paid by wait-listed registrants will earn simple saving bank interest  rate on the date of refund. The interest shall be admissible from first of the month following the date of receipt of registration fee and up to the end of the month preceding the month of withdrawal.


Reinstatement of Registration      


0706.               Once the withdrawal from a scheme has been approved, the  name of the allottee would be removed from the list of registrants / allottee.  If the individual subsequently wishes to rejoin the scheme he/she would need to  apply afresh and will be treated as a fresh registrant.  No benefit or seniority of any sort will be given in all such cases  as  applicable shall also  be levied.


Cancellation of Registration/Allotment by the Board


0707.               The Board reserves the right to cancel the registration at any stage, on the following grounds  with a due notice:


(a)        Default of payment beyond 120 days of the due date of an instalment.


            (b)        Suppression or misrepresentation of facts whilst applying for DU  making him or her ineligible.


            (c)        Non-adherence to the rules and regulations of the Board by any registrant/allottee.


            (d)        Un-authorized selling of DU without prior NOC of the Society and the Board.


(e)        Non-adherence  to the restrictions specified by Authority.


0708.               In case an  installment or  any payment is overdue  the Board  normally issues notices to defaulters from time to time.  However, if for any reason, the notice does not reach an individual, it would still be the responsibility of the registrant/ allottee to ascertain his/her dues from the Board and make payments to the Board in time accordingly.   In the case of cancellation of registration/allotment the amount paid by the Registrant/Allottee shall be refunded as per the prevalent Board rules after deduction of cancellation charges as mentioned at Para 0702.


0709.               No interest shall be paid to any registrant whose allotment is cancelled by the Board due to default in payment or for any other violation of rules.  The allottee shall forfeit all his / her rights to the DU and linked parking, terrace, open, area etc.  In addition he / she will be debarred from registration in any future scheme.




Chapter VIII



General Conditions


0801.               The following rules shall govern the transfer / sale of a DU by an allottee


(a)        Transfer / Sale of a DU by an allottee to any person,  who is eligible for an AFNHB scheme,  as per para 0302,  is permitted at any time after taking over physical possession. 


(b)        An allottee is not permitted to transfer/sell the DU  to non eligible personnel within three years from the date of taking over  physical possession  while  in service. In case of retired personnel this period is limited to one year. 


(c)        Transfer of farm units is permitted any time after taking over  physical possession. 


(d)        Transfer of DU on account of  natural succession, does not have any time restriction.


0802.               AFNHB does not recognize sale of Dwelling Unit on Power of Attorney.  The sale of a Dwelling Unit and associated parking  by  an allottee is required to be processed through the concerned Society and AFNHB  Headquarters. 


Procedure for Transfer / Sale


0803.               The procedure for transfer / sale of property by an allottee is  enumerated below:-


(a)        The allottee  is to firstly intimate his intention to transfer / sell his dwelling unit  to the concerned  society for issue of the following certificates after due  verification that  the transfer is as per the bye-laws of the Society and Civil Authorities.


(i)      No Dues / No Objection Certificate.

(ii)  No encroachment / unauthorized construction certificate.


(b)        The allottee is to thereafter submit the application (Appendix ‘J’) to AFNHB for issue of NOC for the transfer / sale of DU along with the following documents.


(i)         Society No Dues and No Objection Certificate         Appendix K


(ii)                No Dues Certificate from Loaning Agency /



(iii)       Undertaking  by the Allottee / Joint Allottee                 Appendix L

            as applicable


(iv)       Affidavit by Purchaser/Transferee                              Appendix M


(v)        Indemnity Bond by Purchaser/Transferee                  Appendix N


(vi)       Undertaking from Transferor                                      Appendix P               


(vii)    In case of Air Force / Naval personnel  in service, a certificate from Commanding Officer to the effect that the person is in service while in the case of retired personal an Attested Copy of pension payment Order.


(c)        On receipt of all the prescribed documents from the  allottee and after due scrutiny,  AFNHB issues NOC to the transferor and obtains an undertaking from  him / her regarding  receipt of full and final payment from the purchaser.


(d)        On receipt of undertaking from the allottee stating that full and final payment has been received, AFNHB issues certificate for change of allotment of dwelling unit to transferee with a copy to transferor and society.


On Demise of  Allottee


0804    On demise of an  Allottee, the widow, successor or the nominee shall forward an application countersigned by appropriate Authority along with the following documents: -        


(a)               Affidavit by Widow/Widower,

            Successor or Nominee                                                           Appendix Q


(b)        Indemnity Bond by Widow/Widower,                          Appendix R



            (c)        Relinquishment Deed from the other 

Class I heirs of the deceased                                                 Appendix S


                        (d)        Death Certificate                    


(e)        Certificate from Commanding Officer with regard to next of kin as per WILL (for serving personnel).   A copy of the pension payment order (for retired personnel)


Administrative Charges


0805.               In the event of transfer / sale of DU, both the transferee and transferor shall be required to pay Administrative Charges individually to the Board as mentioned below.


(a)        Officers Category.    Rs 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only) each by the transferor and transferee. However, these charges will not be applicable in case the transfer takes place due to natural succession or within blood relation like Parents/Son/Daughter/Spouse. In case of Farm Units, transfer charges shall be Rs 2,500/- each by both transferor and transferee, for the first transfer and for subsequent transfers Rs.10,000/- each shall be charged from transferor and transferee.


(b)        Airmen/Sailors Category. Rs 7,500/- (Rupees seven thousand five hundred only) each by transferor and transferee for each transaction. However, these charges shall not be applicable in case the transfer takes place due to natural succession or within blood relation like Parents/Son/Daughter/Spouse. In case of Farm Units, transfer charges shall be Rs 2,500/- each by both transferor and transferee, for the first transfer and for subsequent transfers Rs.10,000/- each shall be charged from transferor and transferee.



Chapter IX




Residents' Society or Association


0901.               All allottees of an AFNHB Schemes are to form a Residents’ Society / Association prior  to commencement of Handing Over of DUs by the Board.  The Board helps in the formation of the Society / Association and generally conducts  election of the office bearers  at the time of the draw of lots for allotment of specific DUs.  All allottees are to become part of the Resident's Society / Association and at no stage can an allottee be allowed to withdraw membership of the said Society / Association.  The Society/Association is to take over common facilities such as lifts, standby Generators, water pumps, community center etc. as and when they are ready . They are also to take on the responsibility of day today running of such facilities, including security, conservancy etc. The Board will not be responsible for maintenance or operation of these services thereafter.  Further,  the Society / Association is to register itself with the concerned registrar at the earliest and  in no case  later than 3 months of the DUs having been handed over. 


0902.               Responsibility of running common services/utilities rests with the society/association formed by the allottees. The day-to-day running expenses are to be met by the society/association and paid for by the allottees on a regular basis. The society/association is to  maintain, manage and administer the colony, attend to common property and provide guidelines for harmonious community living.


0903.               After taking over of the common assets / facilities the shops, school and community center etc. will have to put in use within the frame work of the basic terms and conditions of the principal lease deed / sale deed and also after obtaining approval of General Body of the Society / Apartment Owners’ Association. Further the shops are to be only rented / leased out on lease and license basis for short periods as per unanimous decision of the General Body of the Society / Apartment Owners’ Association. The types of the shops to be set up and their use is to be also decided by the General Body.


0904                At no stage are shops, community center and other common facilities to be sold to any individual / firm or any other party, unless otherwise decided by the Board of Management.


0905                Allottees will ensure explicit permission from ‘The Society’ for any Addition / Alteration to the Dwelling Unit (DU) allotted. Such Addition / Alteration should however confirm to the rules & regulations laid down by the concerned Authority. Any observation / dispute raised by Authority with respect to the Addition / Alteration carried out by an allottee are to be resolved by the Society / Residents’ Association.   


Society  / Association Charges      


0906.               All allottees are to subscribe to the Society / Association  as and when formed irrespective of the date of taking over the possession of the DU.           




0907.               The allottee would be responsible for getting Electricity and Water meter connections at his / her own cost.


Ground Rent                        


0908.               The Land Allotting authorities charge ground rent or lease amount from the Board depending on whether the land was obtained on sale or lease basis. This ground rent or lease amount varies from state to state. All Allottee would be required to pay his / her share of the ground rent or lease amount after taking over the possession of the DU.


State Revenue Charges     


0909.               All allottees are responsible for the timely payment of Lease / Ground Rent, House Tax, Registration Charges or Stamp Duty, wherever applicable.




0910.               For effective arbitration of disputes the following procedure is prescribed: -


(a)        All matters of disputes / differences relating to the registration,  allotment and  all such other matters as are incidental to these which  affect the mutual rights, interest, privileges, claims of the registrant / allottee vis-à-vis the Board, may be referred to the Chairman AFNHB through the Director General, AFNHB. The Chairman, AFNHB, if he deem fit may appoint an Arbitrator to adjudicate in the matter whose decision in the matter shall be final and binding on the registrant / allottee as well as the organisation. For the purpose of Para 3 of first schedule of the Indian Arbitration Act, 1996 (Act No.10 of 1996) the arbitrator shall be considered to have entered in the reference, when he has called upon the party seeking arbitration to file his 'Statement of Claims'. Arbitration hearing will be held only in Delhi, regardless of where the property under dispute is situated.


(b)        Appointment of an Arbitrator will not be objected to on the ground that he (arbitrator) is subordinate to the Chairman, is a member of the Board of Management/Executive Committee or is a registrant / allottee of the organisation.


(c)        No request for arbitration or adjudication of a dispute will be entertained by the Chairman unless it is made within two months of the cause of action and prior to taking physical possession of the DU. Possession will not be given till the arbitration proceedings are completed.


(d)        The Chairman shall be the final authority to decide whether the dispute warrants recourse to arbitration or otherwise.


Court Cases


0911.               The following norms will be observed in dealing with Court cases, if any, filed against the AFNHB : -


(a)        The registrants or allottee may take recourse to Court only after he or she has exhausted all avenues of redressal.


(b)        The Board being a registered society shall sue and be sued in the name of Director General only. No other officer of the Board or any Member of the Board of Management shall be a party to any legal proceedings.


(c)        All suits and legal proceedings of any kind against the Board shall be instituted in the appropriate court(s) in Delhi or New Delhi notwithstanding the location of the property, which may be subject matter of the dispute.


(d)        No suits or legal proceedings of any kind shall be instituted against the Board unless a notice in writing has been delivered to the Board stipulating the nature of claim, cause of action, relief sought, name, registration number and address of the person, and a period of two months has expired thereafter.



Amendments and Alterations to Rules


0912.               The Board is competent to incorporate any amendments or alterations to the existing rules within the following parameters: -


(a)             The Board reserves its right to alter, amend and change any of the aforesaid rules on as required basis and at any stage.


(b)             Any amendments issued by the Board of Management shall be binding on all allottees or registrants of AFNHB irrespective whether the same have been received or not by any of them.


0913.               The Board of Management has the right to cancel or change partly or wholly any scheme from time to time in any manner as considered necessary by it.



Interpretation of Rules


0914.   Interpretation of the rules as given by the Director General, Air Force Naval Housing Board would be final and binding on the applicants/registrants / allottees and no appeal/representation against it would lie with any other authority or would his decision in the matter of registration and allotment of dwelling units, garages, common facilities/amenities etc as applicable be open to appeal/ representation.