CHAPTER III (Please refer Latest Master Brochure)
General 0301. Rules of eligibility framed by State Govts, Housing Boards, Development Authorities, Improvement Trusts or similar bodies entrusted with the work of development of land for housing or for construction of houses in a station by whatever description these may be known, would be over-riding.  
Eligibility 0302. The following shall be eligible to register for an AFNHB scheme in the order of priority and sub-priority as given below:-  
(a) Widows of Air Force and Naval personnel who die in action.
(b) Widows of Air Force and Naval personnel who die in harness.
(a) Serving and re-employed Permanent Commissioned Officers, Airmen and Sailors of
Air Force and Navy who have no prior allotment in any AFNHB schemes.
(b) Serving Short Service Commissioned officers of the Air Force and Navy, who have no prior allotment in any AFNHB schemes.
(a) Widows of retired Air Force and Naval personnel who are in receipt of Family pension and have no prior allotment in any AFNHB Scheme.
(b) Retired Air Force and Naval Officers, Airmen & Sailors who are in receipt of Pension or Disability Pension and have no prior allotment in AFNHB Scheme.
(c) Widows of Air Force / Naval Personnel who get re-married.
(a) Serving Air Force & Naval personnel and their widows who are allottees of an AFNHB Scheme.
(b) Retired Air Force & Naval personnel and their widows in receipt of pension / family pension who are allottees or registrants of an AFNHB Scheme.
(c) AFNHB staff who have completed 10 years of continuous service in AFNHB and who have not been allotted any DU in any AFNHB scheme; restricted to one DU in their entire service career.
(i). Wait-listed registrants of an ongoing scheme in a station will get priority for allotment of a DU in a subsequent scheme, if any, in the same station, provided they have no prior allotment in any AFNHB scheme and have not been refunded their registration money.
(ii) Widows of Air Force and Naval personnel who die in action or harness can register even after the scheme is closed or fully subscribed and shall take precedence over all other wait-listed registrants, under all categories. As regards their inter-se-seniority, the rule of First Come First Served shall apply. Widows who are re-married will not be eligible to apply.
(iii) Serving/retired Medical and Dental officers are eligible under relevant priority only if contributing to or have contributed to AFGIS or NGIF for a minimum period of ten years; provided they have not applied for or are in possession of a DU through Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO).
(iv) Where both husband and wife are eligible to apply, only one of them shall be eligible for registration under any particular scheme.
(v) Priority as laid down at Para 0302 shall continue to be applicable in the allotments of DU to wait listed personnel, whenever vacancy arises.
(vi) Special Project status can be accorded by the Board for schemes such as Holiday Homes, Old Age Homes, Farm Units and schemes in Hill Station, if undertaken by the Board. Such criteria will be notified whilst promulgating/ launching such schemes from time to time.
(vii) Allottees of AFNHB schemes will be accorded priority under priority IV based on the number of DUs allotted in earlier AFNHB schemes. For e.g. an applicant holding one unit will have priority over the other allotted two units in earlier AFNHB scheme and so on.
(viii) Registrants/ allottee should fulfill all eligibility conditions at the time of applying. Dilution of Eligibility
Dilution of Eligibility 0303. If a scheme remains under-subscribed even after six months of commencement of construction, the scheme may be opened for registration to others at the discretion of the Board of Management (BOM), such as
(a) Retired non pensioners of Air Force and Navy including SSC officers.
(b) Serving and retired personal of Army, DSC, Coast Guard and other Para-military forces.
(i) In diluted scheme, as and when any person eligible under para 0302 applies, he/she shall take precedence in the allocation of DU as against all other category of applicants.
(ii) Restrictions on sale of DU and all other rules applicable to the allottees at para 0302 above shall also be applicable to such allottees.
Ineligibility 0304. The following personnel of the Air Force and Navy are not eligible to become Registrants or
Allottees of a Scheme:-
(a) All Air Force and Naval personnel cashiered / dismissed / removed / compulsorily retired / or discharged from service on disciplinary grounds regardless of whether in receipt of pension or not.
(b) Officers, Airmen and Sailors owning a DU in his/her name or in the name or names of his/her spouse or dependents in the station where the Board is building the Dwelling Units unless authorized by the Authority.
(c) An Allottee whose allotment in any scheme was cancelled by the Board.