Procurement of Land

  • Land was procured in 2010.
  • Updates

    IG: Vacancy available For 'READY TO MOVE IN' For All Categories Including Civilians. [Read More..]
    'K'BROADCAST: Vacancy available For Few Vacancy on First Come First Serve Basis. [Read More..]
    'K'BROADCAST: Registration Open For Few Vacancies in Jalandhar [
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    Registration Open for few vacancies in Mysore, Jalandhar, Dehradun Ph-II, Meerut and Jaipur Ph-II Projects. (15 Jul 17).
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    Partial occupancy certificate from PUDA, Jalandhar dt. 2 Jun 17. [View Details...]
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    Update as on 23 Mar 17 ... [View Details...]
  • Agreement for Registration. (24 Mar 17). [View Details...]
  • Registration of Dwelling Units-Execution of conveyance Deed. (21 Mar 17). [View Details...]
  • Now Regn. open for Army and and Para Military Forces.(10 Mar 17). [View Details...]
  • Update as on 28 Feb 17 ... [View Details...]
  • JALANDHAR : Draw of Lots : Allottees request for Exchange of Dwelling Units. [View Details...]
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  • Allottees request for change over of dwelling units. [View Details...]
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  • Result of Draw held on 11 Dec 16 ... [View Details...]
  • Click on the link to View the drawings : Open Parking Space.
  • Basement Parking Space.
  • Stilt Parking Space Category-A.
  • Stilt Parking Space Category-B.
  • Draw of Lots, Pre Final cost, Option for Car Parking Space ... [View Details...]
  • Scheme now opened for all categories including Civilians on �First-Come-First Serve� basis. [View Details...]
  • Web Update : 01 Nov 16: [Read More...]
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  • Registration open for few vacancies available. (06 Oct 15) ... [Read more....]
      Director General AFNHB visited the site on 03 Sep 15 to review the progress of works. At present approx 100 No�s of labour have been deployed at site.
      TOWER-A: RCC work including brickwork is all completed. Finishing work like fixing of floor tiles in DUs and granite in the common area is in progress. Balance works includes fixing of Doors and Windows shutters, sanitary and CP fittings and final coat of OBD and paint. Progress: 65.98%. PDC of all works is End Dec 15.
      TOWER-B: RCC works, brickwork, internal plastering is all completed in Tower-B. Finishing work such as fixing of floor tile, granite kitchen counter, Doors frames/shutter, CP fittings is completed whereas the fixing of granite at common staircases and window glass panes is in progress. The installation of wiring in conduits and switch board is in progress. Balance work includes final coat of OBD, sanitary wares will be completed by Dec 15. Progress: 80.5%
      The order for procurement of lift material has been placed by contractor. PDC for completion of Lift Works: 31 Dec 15.
      Basement Works
      The RCC work for basement slab including Retaining Wall is in progress. PDC for completion of basement works Mid Dec 15. Progress: 42%
      Water Tank/Pump Room
      The raft of pump room has been completed. The RCC wall for pump room and adjoining water tank RCC work is in progress. Progress: 08%. PDC-Nov 15

  • Update as on 29 May 15. [Read more....]
    Registration open for Siliguri, Mysore, Jaipur Ph-II and Jalandhar. (16 Jan 2015). [Read more....]
    Registration open for few vacancies in SILIGURI, MYSORE, JAIPUR PH-II and JALANDHAR. (29 Oct 2014). [Read more....]
  • Last opportunity for Air Force and Naval Personnel to apply for AFNHB Jalandhar Scheme (12 Mar 14). read more...
  • E-mail id of Project Director Jalandhar (Gp Capt Joshi) : jlr.afnhb@gmail.com
  • Confirmation from Allottees of Jalandhar Scheme, who have opted for two combined units. Read more...
  • Jalandhar Scheme is open for Registration (eligibility diluted) till 10 Sep 13. Read more...
  • Offer to existing Allottees for two adjind Attention : JALANDHAR PROJECT allottees. Read more ...
  • Registration reopened for few vacancies, K-Broadcast dt 23 May 13. more ...
  • Suggestions of all Allottees for Jalandhar - Project. Please Read More ...
  • Click here for Technical Brochure....
  • Last Opportunity for Air Force and Naval Personnel to apply for AFNHB Jalandhar Scheme as eligibility diluted to include Serving Army And Coastguard Personnel. Regn. open till 01 May 13. read more ...
  • Sample flat meeting : Letter dated 23 Jan 2013. read more ...
  • Scheme opened for Registration till 28 Feb 2013. read more ...
  • Mysore and Jalandhar : Scheme Re-opened for Priority I to IV. Last date of Regn.30 Nov 12. more...
  • Registration Re-opened for Priority I to IV for few vacancies. Last date of Regn.15 Sep 12. more...
  • Scheme Re-opened for Priority I to IV for few vacancies. Last date of Regn.15 Jul 12. Ref. K Broadcast (13 Jun 12)
  • Scheme Re-opened for Priority I to IV for few vacancies. Last date of Regn.30 Mar 12. Ref. K Broadcast (22 Feb 12)
  • The Plan for the project has been decided and shall be intimated to all allaottees after approval by the Authority.

  • Architect for the Project is M/s AVINASH KHOSLA & ASSOCIATES.
  • Award of Contract

  • Contractor for the Project is M/S SVEC.
  • Civil Contract awarded and construction commenced Sep 11.
  • JALANDHER PROJECT : No penal rate of interest by AFGIS for construction in progress. (14 Nov 2014). [Read more....]
  • Defferment of VII Instalment from 9 Aug 13 to 09 Oct 13 : 6 Jun 13. more ...
  • Revised Schedule of Installment.Letter dated:10 Sep 12. more...
  • Photographs on progress etc.


    Prog.Aug 12



    Sample Flats

    Prog. 1 Nov 14

    Prog. Jan 15

    Prpg.31 Jan 15.

    Prog. 16 Feb 15

    Prog 5 May 16

    Prog 1 Jul 16

    Prog. 1 Sep 16

    Location of Project