Appendix P

(to be filled up by the Transferor)

(To be Notarised and Executed on Rs.10/- Non-judicial Stamp Paper)




I/we, _________________________________ S/o _________________________________ Resident of _________ ________________________ _______________

Do hereby inform you that I/we have sold my DU No.__________ and Terrace/Car/Scooter Garage / Parking (stilted / under shed / open) No.________ at _______________________________ (Project) to________________________ R/o _________________________________________ for a sum of Rs.________________. I/we have received the full and final payment of this sale. I further state that I/my spouse/assignee will relinquish all my rights in respect of the above dwelling unit.

I/we further state that my successor / assigns or I will have no claim whatsoever on above DU / Garage.

I/we request you to transfer the allotment of the DU No. ________ and Terrace/ Car / Scooter Garage / Parking (stilted / under shed / open) No._________ at ______________________________ (Project) in favour of ______ ________________________________.



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  2. Signature, Name and Address





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  4. Signature, Name and Address






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