LOCATION : 29 Kms Short of SHIMLA, Site on National highway, 14 Kms ahead of solan,
altitude appox 1500 AMSL, 13 Kms from Army unit Solan.
STATUS : Completed and handed over to Society.

Kandaghat : Provisioning of water supply. dt. 15 Jun 15 [Read more....]
(a)       Consequent to few complaints received at this Board, a visit to verify them was undertaken by a representative from this Board on 03 Sep 14. The following activities completed recently were shown to the society office bearers to their satisfaction.
(i)         12 Nos. change over switches for standby power supply which were different in specifications, have been re fixed and are functioning satisfactorily.
 -          Work completed.
(ii)        All earthing systems were rechecked and wherever GI strips were missing have been replaced by segregating them for meter board, lift machine room and lift control panel. Earthing tests were conducted for each tower and the readings were found to be within the permissible limits {≤ 01 OHM}.                                       
                                                                                                -           Work completed.
(iii)       Although not mandatory as per State Electricity Board norms, NOC for DG set is being additionally obtained. Required documents are prepared & handed over to President Society for submission to State Electrical Dept. Thereafter M/s OPSM (Contractor) has been tasked to liaise with State Electricity Dept. till obtaining the same.
                                                                                                -           PDC 31 Oct 14.
(iv        Although Intercom work was completed as per CA, however, based on few members request, a fresh look to  provide serviceable Intercom is in progress . The local agency (based at Solan) has been asked to forward estimates for rectifying the defects and also maintain it for 03 months. Thereafter the Society will be requested to enter the AMC with the same agency.
                                                                                                -           PDC 31 Oct 14.
(b)       Additional lights have also been provided at each stair case landing connected through the common area electrical panel at stilt. Hence, control from inside    each of DU to staircase light has been modified now to common area’s as sought by members.
                                                                                                -           Work completed. Web Update : (24 Sep 14). read more ...

  • HIMUDA Order dated 20 Dec 13. read more ...
  • Defect Rectification Camp. (24 Dec 13): read more ...
  • Kandaghat : Brief on Issues Discussed with HIMUDA on 23 Oct 13 : read more ...
  • 1. It is informed to all allottees that based on your request the AFNHB has tasked the civil contractor to position his defect rectification team at site for a period of 15 days i.e. from 15 Oct 13 to 31 Oct 13. The defects rectification of those defects which were recorded in the DLP register prior to Sep 12 are being undertaken by the rectification team.
    2. Allottees who have registered their complaints in Defect Register i.e. before expiry of DLP (24 Sep 12) may please approach to the Society Office for rectification of the defects.
    3. All allottees are requested to ensure that the dwelling units are not locked and contractor’s men are provided the necessary access to attend the defects. 4. The Principal Director (Wks) & Asst. Director (E&M) had visited HIMUDA and I & PH Officials at Shimla on 23 Oct 13. They have agreed to a meeting at site to work out a solution for the water problem.
  • Registration of Dwelling Units. read more ...
  • Permission for Registration of Dwelling Units under section 118 of HP Tenancy and Land reforms Rule 1972.: 22 Oct 12 more....
  • All allottees are requested to forward their Permanent address with proof to facilitate processing required clearences Under Section 118 of HP Act for registration of individual Uwelling unit.
  • Notice : Dated 07 Sep 10. more ....
  • Administration of the project : 03 Sep 10. more ....
  • Amendment - Society Charges : Letter dated 6 Apr 10. more ....
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