Jaipur Updates .....
Updates : 12 Jun 14.
Updates : 12 Jun 14.
    ALLOTTEES who have opted for withdrawal from the scheme are requested to forward their PAN No. to this Board through e-mail on priority.
    As per statutary compliance of IT Act 1961, 10% of TDS is to be deducted if PAN is available else 20% of TDS shall be deducted.
Updates : 04 Jun 14.
Updates : 03 Jun 14.
    1. Option from Jaipur Phase II alloattees were sought vide our letter dated 13 Mar 13. Based on the option received, the project stands shelved in its present state.
    2. The allottees who have opted for withdrawal from the scheme will be refunded. The refunds are being processed. Those who have not forwarded their bank details till date are requested to forward the same at the earliest.
    3. The allottees who have opted to continue with the scheme are not be refunded the money. Fresh allotment letters with amended specifications and terms and conditions will be issued to such allottees after the contract is finalised.
    4. The allotment letters issued earlier be treated as cancelled.
    5. Scheme will be re-launched with amended specifications shortly. The re-tendering is in progress.
Updates : 26 May 14.